Thursday, September 10, 2009

Manifesto for an Ideal Film Festival

If I had my own film festival, I swear that...

* I wouldn't invite any stars. Fuck the red carpet.

* I wouldn't invite any directors to talk about their work. The work speaks for itself.

* There wouldn't be any parties. That's time I could be watching films.

* I wouldn't program any Canadian films unless I actually liked them. Less Can, more Con.

* All tickets for all screenings would cost five dollars. No galas or special screenings. If it costs five thousand won (five bucks) to see a film at PIFF, why should any one have to pay twenty dollars to see a movie at TIFF?

* There wouldn't be any midnight screenings. I don't want to see another zombie movie as long as I live.

* There would not be something for everyone.


  1. I agree with Mike:

    stars get way too much fucking attention

    talking to director's only lessens the experience (unless it's a documentary)

    save the parties for after the festival

    Canadian films are usually garbage, kicking them out would make them try harder, ha ha

    I didn't even know about those ticket prices, that's ridiculous

    however, I think I could go for another zombie movie in my life. in another decade or 2